The Alton Water Triathlon - 2nd Edition - July 15th 2018

We are pleased to welcome on board as our main sponsor for 2018.


2nd edition is nearly here, see you sunday :-)

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Final Pointers for Sunday!

Looking forward to the weekend, I know I am!


A few last pointers before we see you all on Sunday morning,


1. ** Bring £2 for Parking **

We have only just got our licence from Anglian Water and we need to pay £3/car for parking, in addition to a percentage of the entry fee, for the use of the site. We can’t absorb all of that, so we would ask that you bring £2 with you and pay the one of the Alton Water Marshalls, not the car park machines, on arrival.. Please bring 2 x £1 coins if possible as that will greatly speed the process. Please park where directed only, the site is still open to the public on event day.

Apologies for dropping that on you on the Friday before, but licence terms only got issued yesterday.


2. Water temp & Wetsuits

Paying due thanks to the Norwich Triathlon for their lead on this last week we have agreed with our technical officials a variation to the wetsuit rule IF the water is above 22 degrees. Like Norwich our facebook and email have been full of questions regarding wetsuits and temperature . The variation is as follows;

With the water temperature if it is over 22 degrees then we will implement an on the day rule variation to make wetsuits optional on the basis that in the race briefing competitors are told:

• There are risks relating to swimming in warm water and hot weather in a wetsuit and that if you start to feel at all unwell they should seek help immediately.

• At the water’s exit point, wetsuits must be unzipped and moved down to the waist. This will be mandatory for anyone who chooses to wear a wetsuit and for anyone that doesn’t comply will receive a DQ. Although it’s a short run up to transition if it’s hot you can quickly become overwhelmed by the heat in a thick, neoprene wetsuit and we’d rather not take the chance.

Read that again, as Sunday is forecast to be hot. You have now been briefed!


3. Don’t pressure registration

You have a numbered slot in transition, and almost two hours to register. There is no advantage to be gained being on site at 6am, unless you are camping there, Registration will not open until 6:30 prompt. Do not hover round the desk waiting and pressuring our wonderful volunteers . the Alton Water Café will be open from 6:30 for teas, coffees etc.


4. Please make sure you have plenty of fluids on your bike. We will have water stations on the run, but you need to carry fluids for your ride.


Wishing you all the best for a great race, and look forward to seeing you on the day.

Good Luck

Bill & Ruth, Trifarm Ltd, Mark & the SDCC legends.

 Part of the run route, c. 2k from the finish     Alton Water Triathlon, and Trifarm are (C) Trifarm Ltd 2017

Part of the run route, c. 2k from the finish


Alton Water Triathlon, and Trifarm are (C) Trifarm Ltd 2017